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Xtreme Coffee Roasters

Trail Rated

Trail Rated

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12 oz bag

Single Origin Medium Roast

Origin: Guatemala (organically grown)

Tasting Notes: Cherries, Blackberries, Brown Sugar

Elevation: 1400 - 1800m

Guatemalan coffee is one of the most prominent and well recognized coffees in the world. Production started in the mid-19th century and the country’s economy relies on it. Because of its many different small climates it allows for great, different, and unique specialty coffees. The volcanic soil and super rainy weather, as well as the altitude and the fact that it is grown in the shade, create amazing conditions for many different varieties of beans.


Organically grown coffee beans

Storing Instructions

Our coffee is packaged in high barrier layered bags designed to eliminate moisture and sunlight. The bags also contain one way valves which allow the beans to degass on their own. This combination allows the beans to stay fresh for weeks on the counter or in a cabinet. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing the beans.

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Brewing Styles

The flavor notes of this organically grown single origin bean are enhanced when brewed as a drip, a pour-over, or a french press.