What is specialty coffee? 

The term ‘Specialty coffee’ is used to refer to coffee that is graded 80 points or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or by a licensed Q Grader (CQI).

Specialty coffees are focused on high quality, consistency, and ethically sourced beans. They stand apart because they have been grown at the perfect altitude, at the correct time of year, in the best soil, and then picked at just the right time. All of these factors combined make some of the most flavorful and extraordinary coffees in the world.

Why is small batch roasting preferred?

Small batch coffees are fresh, consistent, more flavorful, tend to be less acidic, and enhance the flavors of their origin. With small-batch roasting, we’re able to precisely reproduce the same tasting notes in each roast over and over again ensuring that every time you order, you’re getting the same high quality, perfectly roasted coffee that you enjoy. Because of this, you can expect a more dynamic taste with every sip of coffee.


Our coffee is packaged in high barrier layered bags designed to eliminate moisture and sunlight. The bags also contain one way valves which allow the beans to degass on their own. This combination allows the beans to stay fresh for weeks on the counter or in a cabinet. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing the beans!!


We offer free shipping on orders $49 or more. Orders under $49 are a flat shipping rate of $6.90. Your fresh roasted coffee should arrive within in 1-3 business days. 


For health reasons, we cannot accept any returns on coffee, even if the product has not been opened or used. However, if an error was made, our coffee does not meet your expectations, or if you received a damaged product please get in touch with us so we can make it right! You can reach us by e-mail at XCRcoffee@gmail.com or call us at 615-XCR-6337.